Security and Reliability

Digixtel’sCall Quality, System Reliability, & Network Security

When you get a telephone system from Digixtel, you not only get our award-winning business service and features, you also get a secure telecommunication network, with call quality and VoIP quality that are unsurpassed. We’ve taken every precaution to give you the most reliable Telecommunication service in the market.

  • State of the Art, co-located facility
    Our carrier-class switches are stored in a co-located datacenter that is part of a multi-facet protected network for technology and communication, and is subject to strict regulation and 24 hour video survelliance.
  • Multiple power and telecom sources
    For security reasons, we do not provide detailed information on our power source and redundant capability, however, we have multiple sources of electrical as well as multiple inbound and outbound carriers. So even if the power grid or one of our telecommunication providers collapse, our system stays secure and keeps functioning.
  • Fully Redundant Systems with Backups
    Beside redundancy in power and telecom sources (above), every component in our network and database infrastructure is redundant and backed up. Multiple components can fail without affecting customer calls.
  • Carrier Class Switching
    Security and reliability are the key to providing a solid, secure, and reliable telephone carrier service. Digixtel uses carrier-class switches running our own software. This gives Digixtel the ability to make our own changes, and provide more uptime than any competitor.
  • All network points are firewalled
    We secure our network as thoroughly as our datacenter. No back doors, no loopholes, and no system processes that work around the network – everything is subject to our full security measures.
  • VoIP calls go through a secure backbone
    If calls are being placed to VoIP phones or soft phones, it is vulnerable to access through the internet, something copper wire calls are immune to. Being aware of this, we have secured our VoIP calls with the same measures we use for every piece of data we transfer. Overall Reliability
  • No Planned Downtime
    With the redundancies we’ve built into our network, Digixtel never has any customer-affecting planned downtime. During any repairs, no customer calls are affected.
  • 99.999% Uptime
    With all of the redundancies in our electrical and telecom providers combined with the redundant network and switching components, Digixtel has attained 99.999% uptime, No other virtual phone service provider can boast this untouchable level of reliability.