Easily configure and manage your services online. Track your service costs and call history in real time. Users can easily access and control personal settings.

Easy to Connect and Manage
Users can connect their phones anywhere with an internet connection. Each employee has his or her own number, and can keep existing numbers. Create virtual numbers that appear local at selected locations worldwide..

Your Office, Connect Anywhere
Count on 99.95% phone line uptime with redundancy and reliable fail over strategies. Automatically switch to a cell or backup line if your Internet is down. Get help when you need it, with 24/7 customer service.

Reliability & Quality
Rely on our automated attendant to direct calls to departments or team members. Connect multiple office locations and team members. Access your faxes and voicemail messages by email.

A Smarter Business Phone Solution
Easily configure and manage your services online.Track your service costs and call history in real time. Users can easily access and control personal settings.

Easy to Connect & Manage
Benefit from a better business phone solution without the hassle of on-premise PBX procurement, setup and support process.

Business Phone Solution
Rely on our high availability infrastructure, thanks to redundancy, security, optimization and around-the-clock monitoring.

Quality and Reliability
Make FREE calls to other Digixtel users anywhere in the world – without using your minutes or paying long distance charges.

Free Calls
Simply log in to manage your account, update your information, change preferences, add new services and view your billing and call details.

Online Account Management-ADMIN
Connect multiple office locations, home workers and road warriors, to the same centrally managed IP-PBX.

Multiple Locations Serviced
Set up a unique, local phone number wherever you do business. Create local numbers for each office or employee. You can also keep your existing number.

Virtual Numbers
Users can record a personal greeting and access their voicemail messages by phone or by email.

Voicemail & Voice-to-Email
Rely on caller ID to instantly know who is calling. Get call waiting paired with caller ID, so you always know who is on the other line.

Caller ID & Call Waiting
Easily forward your calls to another phone number. When your internet service is interrupted, calls to your Digixtel business number are automatically forwarded to your cell phone or another phone number of your choice.

Call Forwarding
Activate this feature to direct your incoming calls to voicemail.

Do Not Disturb
Add a third person to your phone conversation.

Conference Calling
Avoid unexpected charges by disabling long distance or 411 calls.

Toll Restriction
Our service is offered on a monthly basis. Try Digixtel without making a commitment. We’re confident you’ll want to stay.

No Term Contract – No Risk
Call anonymously whenever you like. This feature allows you to block your name and number from appearing on the recipient's telephone display.

Call ID Block
Digixtel auto attendant professionally answers incoming calls to your company. It includes a name directory and a customizable menu so callers hear the options that suit your business.

Auto Attendant
Offer your customers a toll free number to encourage more people to call your business.

Toll Free local or vanity Numbers for voice or fax
Digixtel technology comes with music on hold that can be either by default or with music you upload to the system.

Music on Hold
Calls queues for your customers while music on hold is played while the call is in queue.

Departments with Call Queues
With Digixtel you will be able to ring multiple lines in various locations.

Simultaneous Ring