Easy Setup

Digixtel Makes It Easy
Setting up a phone system doesn’t have to be difficult. Our technology makes it simple to get the most features at the lowest price. And if you have questions, our US-based sales and support teams are ready to help.
Just call us at 855-326-3644.
Instant Activation
You can sign up for our service online, and we'll turn the system on immediately. With Digixtel, there is no complicated and expensive hardware switch to install; you just add your phones and your people.
Hassle-Free Setup
Digixtel makes your setup easy and painless. All you need to do is add phones. If you’re using our business VOIP phones, you simply plug them in to your internet connection – they’re pre-configured to set themselves up as soon as they’re connected. Adding other phones is almost as easy – just use our web management tool to create an extension and add the phone number where you want to receive calls.
Web-based Management
Digixtel offers the deepest, most configurable feature set in the industry, so you may want to tweak the system’s operation to meet your specific needs. We make it easy to manage your system from any web browser through use of our intuitive web-based interface and context-based help system.
No System Maintenance
The hardware is installed at our site, not yours, so we do the system maintenance. And you’ll never need to upgrade or replace your phone system again. Our phone system can accommodate any size business, and new features are added automatically and transparently. You’ll always have the latest features, but you won’t have to change systems to get them.